niedziela, 4 lipca 2010

Living spontaneusly

Not being able to work out the way to quit setimentalism deeply rooted in my soul, I decided to do something I had not used to have time for :) I have four friends in Szczecin, the city famous for being one of those ugliest ones in Poland. The problem is that for the last 4 years I was telling myself that "tomorrow" i would visit them but somehow I had no time for that. And so, at 3 am on Tuesday, I decided to invade my friends.

["Welcome to Szczecin"]

Although (or maybe: thanks to the fact) I hadn't been mentally prepared much for the trip, I was utterly happy being there, meeting Dawid, who was waiting for me at the station. The first impression of the city, which I got from the smelly air polluting my compartment, was not highly-satisfactory but I was convinced that "its not the place, its the people which makes the life a nice experiene".

Szczecin turned out to be a lovely place - you just have to get the right perspective. Industrial landscapes, red-brick houses, unfashionable clothes on people who will never dream about achieving anything high in their lives - that's Szczecin, in fact.

[Adam and tortilla]

But, as I said, its not the place but the people so the time was quite relaxing. Especially the parts connected with the food which had been prepared for me but not by me :)
I love my life, in such moments.

[Dawid and his magic watch]

There are some people who you don't need to meet everyday to feel a certain kind of connection, friendship that is. I love that, sharing so much, having so much in common but still living in different realities. Even when you feel lonely, you have this consciousness that in "somewhere-there" there is a person, who would give you their kidney if you needed so.


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  1. Bylam tam pierwszy raz w tamtym roku i po czesci zgadzam sie z tym, ze to brzydkie miasto... chociaz kolezanka oprowadzila mnie po bardzo ladnych miejscach i pokazala urocze zakatki, i w efekcie tak bardzo rozczarowana nie bylam :)