wtorek, 13 lipca 2010

Berlin - colours, shapes, people

A few days ago an unexpected trip to Berlin happened to me. I went there with Ola, who you can see in the pic above. The main goal of our voyage was to see Marczewski's fashion show, but - obviously - strolling around Berlin was nice as well.

Up till now I've been to Berlin something like ten thousand times - I knew what to expect, so the city was not a big surprise to me. I decided to focus on those aspects which make Berlin unique in a way.



[thing to admire: trees growing on the concrete height]

[heaps of apartments, but somehow it still looks neat]

After sizzling and sweating out, we were perfectly prepared for the show. It was a great experience for me, the first time in my life. Although I didn't feel so comfortable with all those label-oriented people, absorbing the excitement form the air I got excited as well.

[Bacha, Ola, me]

The funny thing was about our journey back.

I would have never ever expected our train to be Ukrainian one, with Ukrainian staff and Ukrainian signs hanging on the walls.

The problem was that the ticket we'd bought was for German trains exclusively. All in all, in a great hurry and fury, we bribed (50 zł!!!) the train attendant and got locked in a small compartment. Basically, we were smuggled.

And really, that two-hour journey was the first one in my life during which I didnt fall asleep. too much stress. But eventually, harasho!

More pics here.

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  1. The pics look amazing! Berlin is great :) But I still would like to know why you didn't come to Holland in the end ;(