sobota, 26 czerwca 2010


Ok, guys, it's high time for me to come back to writing this blog. After updating it everyday this week-long break seems to be comparable to infinity :) Anyway, I haven't made up my mind about the form of this blog - I don't want to post every day or every second day (my life is not that interesting) but I need to have some kind of ritual in order not to neglect it :) most probably I will post every week with some photos summerizing my week - but still, not sure about that :)

[FRIDAY: first glance at my house, 6 am]

I came back exactly one week ago but I still have this feeling of being displaced. First thing - I live far-far away [ok, maybe its only 20 km...] from any form of civilisation, which makes a big difference compared to (a) Olandu, (b) Vilnius. I have a big (single!) room and two bathrooms, good food and loudspakers but - nobody to talk 24/7. [that doesnt mean my parents/sister are socially disabled, you know;)]. And - every time I want to send a message to A/S/Z/E - it's somehow impossible.

[SATURDAY: Meeting with Karolina]

That's so funny, I hade been missing her for one semester, having around me all those lovely people. Now I have her just next to me and still this feeling of longing/yearning is present. But anyway, she's a blessing for my dithers.
... thanks to her, I started reading "101 Reykjavik". nice use of language :]

[SUNDAY: dropped in the birthday party of my scout team]

I missed them as well. Ive been friends with them for the last 6 years, observing their getting adolescent but I needed this come back to realize that they really are mature now :)

[MONDAY: grannie]

A person, whose warmth makes me strong in all those shitty moments.

[TUESDAY: micro-scouts]

I met with my micro-scouts. Although they are 14, they are more impressive and brilliant than the majority of people you know :P being with them, you are sure that the future will be bright :)

[WEDNESDAY: the Uni and Ola]

You can't imagine how concerned about meeting all those uni-people I was. Since I don't know what exactly I think about all the erasmus experience and how much I want to share with them, I was really scared about visiting my uni. But, all in all, it turned out that some people were really waiting for me and greeted me really warmly. It's nice when you know there are kind people around you.
and... then afternoon with Ola, Kasia and Gosia [in the pic, playing a game Ola uses for coaching some 4-year-olds with english], full of gossips and strawberries. Hoorray.

[THURSDAY: unpacking, tears, missing certain people and situations]

[FRIDAY: Kami's schoolyear end]

I went with my micro-sister [the second from right] for the official schoolyear end in her Music School. Surprisingly enough, she was distinguished as the best flute-player in her year :) so so so proud of her!

the song of today:

jeszcze nie wiem, może będę również pisała po polsku, jednak - zobaczymy.

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